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Knock out! Bugs in Belkin routers are finally, fixed up

In early morning, when we were trying to get access to facebook it doesn’t get unlocked. When we checked my Belkin router, we found that it had to access to the online world. Like us, you will definitely find this problem some day and recent report says that many users of Belkin router are finding this issue. If your devices were connected to the ISP’s, modem and router then there would be rupture in communication. Users applied various techniques and procedure to remove this problem but didn’t get to manage it.

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Contento! Finally, Belkin Company itself brings exciting news for everyone that they have found the right solution to trigger it. They advised users who find their routers not working properly, should reboot it and for this purpose, you need to unplug the box, hold for a second and then plug it back. If service won’t work in next time, pick up your phone and dial technical support number for further solutions.

After studying numerous reports, Belkin said that there was a severe problem in their four older routers including F9K1113, F9K1102, F9K1105 and F9K1116. It is advised that users should configure their devices manually by making correction in internet settings so that it gets connected to the Google’s DNS servers. Besides, they found the most suitable solution to this particular issue after doing lots of research on it. Inability of router to catch appropriate internet connection can be caused by communication failure existing between influenced router and a site Belkin practises to monitor internet accessibility.

On October 7, Belkin experience an issue with a service being configured in Belkin router models that can lead to the failure when it do general network connectivity by poking the site hosted by Belkin. At 3:15 pm, Belkin comes up with next statement saying that they didn’t get best solution to fix it up but they will surely find its cure in the future. Don’t worry! Users can try to resolve internet connection problem by following some of the above approaches, they may work for you. If don’t, you should immediately call technical support for further assistance to your severe issue.

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